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Aderemi Adejokun is the founder of Relief Africa Non-Profit Charity Organisation. She is a successful Public Relations Professional (PR). Aderemi, has liaised with her local MP’s on different campaigns; She has appeared on BBC and ITV to address issues affecting her community. Aderemi also has a BSc (Hons) degree in Mental health/Social Services and a MA degree in Human Resources.


The founder, is a mother of four girls. When living in the United States Of America, in 1994 she had a dream of supporting the less privilege families by giving out gifts at the Campus Square in Lagos Nigeria.

Although, Aderemi did not have enough money she took it upon herself to perform as Michael Jackson and Elvis alongside her daughters, just to put a long lasting smile on the children’s faces. Believe it or not, the children enjoyed her performances more than the gifts they were expecting. As family and friends started donating gifts, Aderemi describes this as “a blessing in disguise because the donations were unmeasurable”. This really helped Relief Africa to reach its goals.


Aderemi Adejokun’s faith in God also made it possible for all of her hard work to be a success. She remembers saying “All I want to do is to put a smile on people faces” and that money cannot buy. Finally, the charity was launched in February of 2010.

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