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Relief Africa aims to help the suffering of the poor and needy. The charity also intends to educate, empower and enrich the community.


Educating – enrolling children and their families who are interested in adult studies to be trained in programs of their choice, such as ICT, Childcare, Food technology (selling food), Health and safety.


Empowering- Making contributors to their society providing them with education, skills, developing gifts and talents in them. Also boosting their morale, building up their fait h from spiritual perspectives and develop in their self-esteem making them feel valued.


Our vision is to eradicate poverty on Africa.


Our mission is making sure that a child never lacks his or her dignity, pride, joy or happiness. Relief Africa can only do this by responding to any child’s needs.​


To accomplish our mission Relief Africa will appreciate the contributions of donors, media outlets and co-operate organisations. We would like to acknowledge all of our supporters who have continuously given generously to Relief Africa.

Children's Day

Relief Africa performing on Childrens Day in Nigeria. Childrens day is a special day for all of the children to come together and have fun. Various activities occur for the children such as face painting, children's entertainment, talent competitions, gifts etc. 

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